Porcelain Countertop

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Porcelain, a type of vitrified pottery, ranges from opaque to translucent finishes. Its origins trace back to China’s Eastern Han Dynasty, though the earliest forms, termed “primitive porcelain,” were developed during the Shang Dynasty, more than a thousand years prior. It was not until the Tang dynasty, spanning the sixth to ninth centuries, that porcelain craftsmanship reached its zenith.

The creation of porcelain involves firing a blend of powdered china stone and white china clay, known as kaolin, at approximately 1450°C. This intense heat process vitrifies the china stone into a solid, highly resilient substance, while kaolin ensures the object maintains its form. Despite containing impurities like silica, mineral oxides, and feldspars, these elements actually contribute to the porcelain’s durability and vibrant coloration.

In the realm of countertops, porcelain slabs are treated with a pigmented glaze to mimic the aesthetic qualities of natural stone or marble, enhancing their visual appeal and versatility in design applications.


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